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Regain Resilience In Leadership and Life...Even In The Midst of Uncertainty

Updated: May 17, 2021

Whether you're a corporate leader, or managing a small business or non-profit, one thing is certain: You're supporting day-to-day operational needs while navigating significant change and challenge within your business and life.

With the impact of COVID-19, many of the professionals I coach are feeling increased pressure and stress in their work. Some clients are experiencing decreased productivity, focus, and motivation in the midst of uncertainty.

Despite any temporary setbacks and challenges you may be experiencing, there are actionable steps you can take that will help you regain resilience and get back on a focused path.

resilient tree thriving despite erosion
How Resilient Are You?

Shift Your Mindset

Mindset plays a significant role in resilience. Increasing the awareness of your emotional state and re-centering allows you to take control and more logically respond to challenges. Read "Shift Your Mindset" to learn more ways to positively enhance your leadership and life.

Change Perspective

As leaders or business owners, it's natural to want to find an immediate solution to a problem. But rather than rush to find a quick-fix, it's important to create time and space to assess the situation from a different point of view. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

There's tremendous value in reaching out to consult with a trusted colleague, mentor, or coach. They can provide guidance and help you see another perspective.

Read "Habits of Highly Successful Leaders" to gain additional insight into what other leaders are doing to achieve resilience.

Questions Lead To Answers

In corporate roles, and within my leadership and life coaching practice, I've followed a process that repeatedly inspires successful outcomes.

Irrespective of the many challenges One True You Coaching clients are faced with, active listening in combination with a series of powerful questions produces amazing results. These thought-generating inquiries often create a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

By providing a safe space for open dialogue, without judgment, insight is often self-discovered. When the 'aha!' moment happens, it's priceless!

If you have a challenge you'd like to explore, or need help to regain your resilience and move forward, reach out.

Learn more about our Leadership and Life Coaching Services by visiting our website. To set up a Complimentary Coaching Clarity Call to talk about your needs and challenges select a date and time that's best for you from the calendar:


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