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Live A Healthier Life With This One Powerful, But Simple Act

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Winter Scene of Trees and Snow | Deborah Petropoulos | Executive Life Coach | One True You, LLC
Live a Healthier Life | Deborah Petropoulos | Executive Life Coach | One True You, LLC

Want To Live A Healthier Life?

The start of each new year creates an abundance of opportunities to make different choices than we did the year before. Many of us are choosing to live more healthy lives.

Making that happen is more than just a new year's resolution. It's about getting clear on what the desired change is, why it's important, and believing it's possible.

Achieving a transformational change starts with the belief that you can do it. That belief creates a strong foundation.

Believing in the changes we want to make creates a powerful mindset which propels us to start taking action through small steps. Consistent action creates momentum. Over time, this allows us to achieve our goals.

A Goal Without A Plan Is Only A Dream

But how many actually get to the point of seeing and feeling the difference that achieving their goals makes?

Numerous studies have shown only 3% of the population set goals, and only about 1% write them down.

Have you written your goals for the year?

You have a much greater chance of success in achieving your goals if you write them down. The leaders I partner with become clear on the goals they want to achieve.

So how are you feeling about your goals for the year?

Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Do you believe you can achieve them?

Are you excited to get started?

Or, are you feeling a bit less motivated? Maybe tired, stressed, or anxious about the year and what's to come?

Try This One Powerful, But Simple Act

No matter what you're feeling, if you have a desire to focus on living a healthy life and being at your personal best this year, here's one powerful, but simple act to get you started in the right direction.

"The simple act of walking has the power to transform your health." Vivek Murthy U.S. Surgeon General

Regular walking is a great source of exercise for our bodies. When done in a way that feels good, walking can lead to improvements in our mood, self-esteem, and sleep quality. It can help reduce feelings of fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

Counterbalance Stress With Nature

On the warmer, winter days, I layer on my clothes, and head outside for a walk. There's something energizing about a winter walk outdoors in the fresh air when the sun is shining. It calms the mind.

Time in nature can be an effective counterbalance to stress. A Stanford University study found that walking in nature can lead to a lower risk of depression. Another study, by a business psychology firm, found that employees demonstrate a 15% increase in reported well-being in the workplace when exposed to nature elements such as greenery and sunlight. Interested in more enlightening insights, read: The Science Behind How Nature Affects Your Health (

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Walking

Being outside isn't always possible. I know. I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. During the cold winter months when Meteorologist, Mike Caplan shares a forecast with bone-chilling temps, I head to the gym and walk indoors.

Deborah Petropoulos | Life Coach | Fit Nation | Gurnee Park District
Deborah Petropoulos | Life Coach | One True You, LLC

Walking has so many great benefits!

Walking helps to:

  • Lift Our Spirits

  • Burn Calories

  • Prevent Weight Gain

  • Relieve Stress

  • Relax

  • Clear Our Mind

  • Improve Our Outlook

  • Engage Our Brain

  • Build Strength

  • Enhance Fitness and Cardiac Health

  • Increase Energy

  • Build Social Connections (especially when we walk with others)

On days when we need to "boost our spirits" the simple act of a walk seems like just the right thing.

So what are you waiting for? Slip on your favorite pair of walking shoes or winter boots and enjoy all the great benefits of walking!

And, if you have someone you like to walk with, invite them to join you. Getting started is easier when you have friends that are also focused on living a healthy lifestyle. And, if you need an accountability partner, a professional life coach can make all the difference in your success.

Achieve Your Personal Best

I founded One True You, LLC with the vision of providing "Inspirational Coaching for Successful Outcomes".

If you have a strong desire to achieve your personal best, are ready to commit to leading a better life, and want to create an impactful change this year, One True You Coaching can provide the guidance you're seeking.

Read our clients' inspiring stories. Coaching Changes Lives

And, if you want help to achieve your goals, I invite you to reach out and schedule a call so we can get acquainted. I'll help you get clear on what this year could look like for you.

Lake County Resources for Healthy Living

We all have opportunities to serve as champions of a healthy lifestyle, for ourselves, and those we know and love in our lives. Check out what resources are available within your community.

Sharing some local Lake County resources in my community that educate, engage, collaborate, serve, inspire, and encourage healthy living:

Fit Nation offers a variety of classes.

"Go Gurnee" - Gurnee Park District is a community wellness movement designed to increase people's health and well-being, and offers free walks, a walking club, and walking maps.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of walking, watch AARP's Staying Sharp video:

About the Author:

Deborah Petropoulos, is an Executive Life Coach. She works with high-performing leaders in Global Pharmaceuticals and other industries who are experiencing mid-life challenges, workplace stress and burnout, considering a career change, or want to create a plan for retirement and what's next in life.

Professionals that choose One True You, LLC for their leadership and life coaching needs learn new ways to navigate their challenges, and find renewed satisfaction and fulfillment in their careers and lives.

Reserve a Complimentary Clarity Call if you’d like to talk with Deborah Petropoulos about a leadership or life challenge you’re currently faced with.

One True You, LLC Leadership and Life Coaching provides guidance to help you achieve your personal best and live a healthier life.

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