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Are you in an emotional spiral? Learn how to shift your mindset and enhance your life...

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Life Coach Deborah Petropoulos One True You, LLC Shares Guidance on How To Navigate Emotional Spirals and Ways To Shift Your Mindset and Enhance Your Life
How Are You Choosing To Respond To Current Challenges?

When we're going through challenging times, it's easy to lose hope, focus, and motivation. When challenges occur, it impacts our mindset, our lives, our daily routines, and our work. How we feel and respond plays an important role in determining our success or failure.

Emotional Assessment

We can fluctuate throughout any given day in a spiral of upward and downward emotions. There's no wrong or right. It just is. So where do you see yourself in this spiral of emotions? Are you in the upward spiral in the space of positivity, high energy, and hope? Or are you in the downward spiral in a space of negativity, low energy, or powerlessness? Negative emotions can contribute to a weakened immune state. And that's not what we need right now when our health is vital.

So what do you do if you're in that downward spiral? To get past the low energy, try making a shift or change in your routine. Something as simple as incorporating some fun, laughter, music, or dancing, can help shift how you feel. Think about what brings you joy, and do that.

Take Action

What's the emotion you're feeling? Name it. Make checking-in on how you're feeling a habit throughout the day. Assess whether you're in the upward or downward spiral. No matter how we feel, there's always an opportunity to increase awareness of our emotions, change our perspective, refine our actions, and shift our feelings. Sometimes that shift can happen just by doing something different, changing up your routine, exercising, going for a walk, or getting some fresh air and sunshine.


Are you making healthy choices? Maybe the shift needs to be centered around eating. Are you finding yourself eating based on your emotions? When our safety net of a normal routine is removed, our stress levels increase, and these can serve as strong triggers that cause emotional eating. Choosing to eat vitamin rich, clean foods, hydrating, and limiting caffeine and alcohol can make a significant difference in how you feel.


How are your sleep habits? Are you following a regular routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day? When we're not well rested, it can play havoc on our emotions. Getting the right amount of sleep every day, at least seven to nine hours, can positively enhance our mindset.


And what about self-care? So often we put ourselves last. Many of us are taking care of others more than ever now at home. We've integrated work and life, but in the process, we've lost structure in our routines. Do you need to set some boundaries that will allow you to better focus on what you need to get done? We need to learn to shift, be flexible and adapt. But, if you're not taking care of yourself, how can you expect to take care of others?


Are you setting aside time just for you, to reflect, find stillness and quiet? Are you meditating, reading, journaling, or focusing on what you're grateful for? All of these are powerful ways to help clear your mind and improve your mental clarity. And, if you pour love and energy back into yourself, you'll find it so much easier to show up fully and be the best version of who you are.


Life is always constantly evolving and with it comes challenges. How we choose to adapt is essential. We can't control the events that happen, but we can control our responses and how we choose to react. The choices we make impact our outcomes. So before you take action, ask yourself this: "Does the choice I'm making best serve and support my needs?"

Are you responding to the situation when you're experiencing negative emotions and in the downward spiral? Or, are you responding from a place of power and positivity in the upward spiral? By focusing on the desired outcome, and dealing with emotions in a healthy manner, you'll make choices that are in your best interest.

Making small changes and working toward your personal best leads to a better life. And isn't that something we all want?

And, if you'd like to talk about a challenge you're experiencing or a change you'd like to make set up a Complimentary Clarity Call to talk about your needs and challenges.

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