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Top 20 Habits of Highly Successful Leaders Who Thrive in Turbulent Times

Updated: May 17, 2021

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic spreads across the globe, leaders are doing their best to navigate through this turbulent time.

How we choose to react to this environment of unprecedented change and challenge will determine success or failure.

The professionals I coach are seeking guidance and support through the leadership and career transition challenges they are experiencing.

Despite the day-to-day uncertainty in the work-force and personally, these resilient leaders are moving forward and adapting to the changes and challenges.

To achieve successful outcomes in leadership and life, choose to adopt these 20 Habits of Success:

1. Persist in the face of setbacks and adversities.

2. Re-calibrate and bounce back when things don't go according to plan.

3. Understand what motivates you, what you love, and what your strengths/weaknesses are.

4. Ask questions and seek advice from other successful leaders.

5. Gather as much information as possible from resources with similar challenges.

6. Gain knowledge, advice, and support through your trusted network.

7. Seek mentors and coaches to provide new perspective and enhance your full potential.

8. Participate in meaningful activities to elevate your thinking.

9. Create meaning in your own life and in the lives of others.

10. Make self-care a top priority.

11. Prioritize spiritual, mental, and physical health to recharge.

12. Show gratitude, treat everyone with respect, and recognize the contributions of others.

13. Support and help others succeed with a generosity of spirit.

14. Resolve differences, intentionally let go, and forgive.

15. Focus on forward movement and fulfillment of purpose.

16. Maintain integrity as a role model and leader.

17. Cultivate a positive attitude and optimism.

18. Have high standards, and do the next right thing.

19. Grow by learning, adapting, and improving.

20. Listen to and stay connected (with customers, team members, family, friends...)

Reach out if you would like to talk about a transition change or challenge you are experiencing.

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