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Rethinking Work and Life? 5 Ways To Reduce Stress and Have More Time For Great Reflection

Rethinking Work and Life

Summer is a time to enjoy carefree vacations and travels. Summer is also an ideal time for great reflection. It's a time to appreciate and value our closeness to family and friends. It's a time when we prioritize our experiences and the memories we create. It's a time to pursue our passions. It's a time to focus on the quality of our relationships and experiences. It's a time to reflect on our physical, mental, and financial health. It's a time to rethink work and life. Envisioning what we want to bring into our life and taking actionable steps toward our goals and dreams creates transformational change.

5 Ways to Stress Less This Summer

Preparing ahead of time can make Summer travel more enjoyable. I had an amazing time in Canada and experienced the beauty of Niagara Falls this Summer. It's a trip I looked forward to for many years. Sharing 5 ways to help you stress less this summer:

  • Gather important documents. Ensure you have your itinerary, credit cards, driver's license, passport, insurance cards. Make a copy in case they are lost or misplaced. Check in advance with your airline carrier for any travel requirements for Covid testing, vaccination, customs (for international travel). Secure pre-approvals in advance to expedite your travel experience (i.e. TSA, Global Entry, NEXUS, VeriFLY).

  • Alert your Financial Institutions of any cards or accounts you may be using if you're traveling in or out of the country. Monitor and review your accounts to ensure transactions are yours. Report any activity that may be suspect.

  • Minimize your Luggage. Know the airline's luggage guidelines prior to travel for size, weight, fees. Plan what you're taking a few days in advance of your travels. Pack less by creating multiple options from a few favorite clothing basics and accessorize.

  • Organize before you go. Place your mail on hold or arrange for it to be picked up while you're away. Take time to clean, put away dishes, mop the floors, empty perishable food from the refrigerator, take out the garbage, water plants. Have a special place to easily access keys for your home and car before and after your trip.

  • Allow extra time when traveling. Expect the possibility of delays due to traffic, flight changes, security checks, customs, car rentals and returns, shuttle and transit.

Considering a Change? Great Reflection Is Key

Professionals choose One True You, LLC for their life coaching needs because they want help with a transition they're considering. They want to work with a company that cares about their overall well-being and can help them achieve the work-life balance they desire. Some are ready to leave their work years behind and transition into retirement so they can have more fulfillment, freedom, and flexibility in their lives. Transition decisions are more than just career related. We work together to understand what's most important in your life and what needs to change.

Coaching and great reflection helps professionals reimagine work and life. One True You, LLC clients adapt to remote work, find new career paths, avoid burnout, and prepare for retirement.

If you have goals you want to reach, a challenge you're navigating, or you're feeling stuck and would like help to reflect and realize your future, One True You, LLC specializes in leadership, career, and life coaching for leaders in transition or nearing retirement.

One True You, LLC partners in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires leaders to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching helps professionals cope more effectively, reduce stress, and have more creativity and resilience. Coaching enhances confidence and leadership strengths.

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to navigate change. Coaching creates a safe space to express your needs and desires and co-create steps for successful outcomes.

Coaching can help you get unstuck, and shift self-limiting beliefs to a more open mindset that can help achieve your goals.

One True You, LLC coaching provides the support needed to help leaders navigate life and work changes and create new results in life.

Through One True You, LLC life coaching, you’ll gain the clarity needed to successfully navigate your transition challenges, address the roadblocks, and achieve your goals and desired changes.

If you're considering a change, and want to talk with a professional coach about your needs and the changes you'd like to make, here's how:

Select a date and time from the calendar that’s best for you and reserve your Complimentary Clarity Call to get acquainted.

We’ll talk about what’s happening in your life, the changes you’d like to make, a next step you can take, and how coaching could support your needs. If we decide we’d like to work together, coaching services will be shared.

Coaching services are personalized to support your unique career and life needs. Professionals value the life-changing results and successful outcomes they experience.

When we work together, we’re changing something important to you in your life. This doesn’t happen overnight. Transformational change takes time. I work with professionals willing to commit to meeting at least twice a month to create impactful results.

One True You, LLC clients lead more fulfilling lives. They transition to new careers, change companies, enhance their personal and professional development, start up new businesses, retire early, relocate to warmer climates, renew relationships, realign with their core values, and much more!

Their personal stories and successes are a testament to the type of results you can expect and what could be possible for you if we decide to work together.

About the Author:

Deborah Petropoulos is a Transformational Coach and CEO of One True You, LLC.

Debbie inspires successful outcomes for professionals experiencing transition challenges.

Leaders benefit from her 33 years of corporate experience in Global Pharmaceuticals coaching, mentoring, and developing high-performing teams and individuals.

She is an International Coach Federation-accredited coach and holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management.

Debbie specializes in personalized leadership, career, and life coaching for executives, leaders, and professionals nearing retirement.

As an Inspirational Speaker, she shares insightful ways to “Make Your Best Even Better” with business networks, universities, and entrepreneurs throughout the greater Chicago area.

Debbie was recently featured on The Power of the Pivot Podcast with host Alicia Webb. Listen to The Power of Resilience

Debbie enjoys travel, volunteering with Ronald McDonald House Charities, and time spent with her family and three granddaughters.

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