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One True You Coaching Testimonials and Success Stories

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Find Inspiration In What Our Valued Clients Say and Share

One True You Coaching clients are high-performing leaders and professionals experiencing career and life transition challenges. Learn more by reading their inspiring personal stories, and the successful outcomes achieved through Career Coaching and Life Coaching with Deborah (Debbie) Petropoulos, Transformational Career and Life Coach, Founder and CEO, One True You, LLC.

If you'd like to talk about your transition challenges and how coaching can support your needs, we welcome you to schedule a Complimentary Clarity Call to get acquainted.

One-On-One Professional Career Coaching and Personal Life Coaching Testimonials and Success Stories

"Undergoing several life changes at once, I found Debbie and am so grateful that I did! Investing in myself was a game changer and Debbie not only provided me with a listening ear, but she also provided me with manageable and actionable tools to help me gain clarity on where to focus my energy. Through our coaching I was able to set boundaries that previously would have made me very uncomfortable. With humor, wisdom and compassion, she guided me to recognize my worth and for that I am very grateful. Take the time to invest in yourself with Debbie. She is AMAZING!" - Pamela Schwab, Vice President, Software Quality, Compliance, and Customer Care
"I was in a high-stress job with my work-life balance totally out of whack when I started meeting with Debbie. She helped me focus on my goals and steps to take to make it happen. With her help, I was able to clarify my wants and needs and set about making a change. It paid off immensely as I was able to secure a much better job and achieve the work-life balance I desired." - David Walter, Public Affairs Specialist, Milwaukee VA Medical Center
"Today I started my new position as Director of Human Resources... I am in the right place at the right time. With no small thanks to you! Please feel free to provide my name as a reference. I would be happy to talk to anyone who might be thinking of working with you." - Clara Tappa, Director Human Resources
"The first time I met with Debbie she changed my outlook on my job search! She helped me to narrow my focus and it worked - within a couple of weeks I landed my dream job! The questions Debbie asks gets you to think deep and help you discover your goals and passions. After discovering your goals Debbie helps you put a plan together to achieve them! I would highly recommend Debbie for anyone in job transition or planning the future of their career!" - Gregg Koleno, Cross-Function Team Leader, Partner, IA Business Advisors
"Debbie's personal coaching has really helped me to focus on moving forward with short- and long-term goals and also coping skills for every day. Debbie uses professional coaching tools to structure her sessions but is always sensitive to personal needs and issues that may crop-up and adjusts the time spent to be exactly what is needed. She is always encouraging, kind and positive, and also helps me to keep my own promises to myself on a personal and professional level. She provides relevant homework to support the session and always sends a comprehensive summary for referring to afterwards. I would truly recommend her coaching to anyone who would like to progress their self-development in a very holistic, professional and supported way." - Kathryn Duvall, Clinical Aromatherapist, ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist, BNurs (Hons) RGN, RHV, PgDip Pract. Research, Owner Blue Chamomile Reflexology and Aromatherapy
"Working with Debbie has given me the confidence I needed to lead our conservation non-profit to a new level. She helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and how to use them both in leading the organization. I don't have a business background and her experience in the corporate world was invaluable in helping me complete some business-related tasks with which I was not familiar. Thank you, Debbie, for helping me move to the next level." - Judi Thode, Ancient Oaks Foundation, Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce Community Impact Award Winner 2020
"I am excited to share my experience about the services from Deborah Petropoulos. I was lost in chaos and just mentally blocked on what I needed to do in many aspects of my life and work. After some coaching sessions there was clarity on what I needed to do to reach my dreams. The benefits of working with a great life coach such as Deborah, is that she is an excellent listener and understand the challenges with relationships, raising kids, and work/life balance. With Deborah's coaching, I was able to grow my real estate business into millions of dollars in assets and services and be a better husband and father." - Michael Kozlowski, Director, Strategic Projects (PMO), CORIX Group of Companies
"Thank You, Debbie! I wasn't sure what to expect from the coaching process. What I found is that you have profoundly enhanced both my life and my business by changing my mindset--a work in progress. I highly recommend One True You, LLC for anyone who is looking for more out of their life and career." -Nancy Stearns Burgess, Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing, Inc.
"To be in Debbie's sphere for even a moment is transformational. Her spirit, calm nature and interpersonal skills impress. I would trust Debbie's instincts as a life coach, speaker and advocate in the journey of goal achievement. Plus, she is a joy to be with in an array of settings!" - Stephanie (Leese) Emrich, Service Speaks Solutions Founder & CEO, Certified Guest Service Professional, TEDxSpeaker
"I have known Debbie for years. She is one of the most honest, sincere, and trustworthy people I have ever met. In business Debbie is straightforward and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend trusting her advice and recommendations." - Bruce Gracz, Customer Engagement Manager, Vistex
"I really do miss talking with you. Our career and life coaching work together helped me through my career transition, provided guidance through challenges with my health and personal relationships, and inspired me to envision a new direction (and location) for my life. I was in the most stressful job of my entire career and feeling the effects of that in numerous ways... You gave me 2 or 3 insightful questions to ask myself regarding my job...and I had the most intense feeling that I needed to hire you! And so, the relationship began. I really had no goals, just a general idea of where I might want to go and needed help getting there. Your tools, guided exercises and homework assignments led me through the process of goal setting and defining the life I wanted to live. They were not always easy, but you held me accountable, and a vision took shape. Part of that vision was moving to a warmer climate, which I had loosely planned for 5 years down the road. And I didn't know if I could really even do that. Exactly two years after our coaching began, I made the move to Florida. I'm now living a life very close to that writing assignment of "A day in my life 5 years out". Without a doubt, I would not have been able to do so without your guidance. Our coaching relationship benefited me in so many ways. It really has changed my attitude and outlook on life. On the road trip from Illinois to my new life in Florida, I picked up two magnets that say it all. One has the image of a map on it with the words "Create your own happy". The other a dog jumping over a fence and inscribed "Live like someone left the gate open". I look at them every day to remind myself how great life can be when you recognize that you have choices and act on them. It's been 3 years since my move and I still have to pinch myself. I love the insight I gained and the new life that I'm living. Your coaching was a great experience and well worth the work. I will be forever grateful." - Coaching Testimonial and Success Story Shared by Susan Hanson, Finance Manager
"I have worked with Debbie over the last few years and have also attended some of her workshops and she is fabulous! A true professional that provides guidance, clarity, and is focused on making sure you meet your objectives both personally and professionally - I could not have asked for a better life coach! She has a very thoughtful and targeted approach. She meets you where you are at in your life to help you get to the next stage or through any transition professionally or personally. She is dedicated and makes sure that you are heading toward success but in a demeanor that is non-judgmental or harsh - it's the perfect balance! If you follow her guidance and you do the work, you'll have successful outcomes. I moved form an unsatisfactory and unfulfilling job to having my own successful business and time to do the things I enjoy the most! I recommend her to colleagues, family and friends! You will not be disappointed." - Hazel Gayheart, Real Estate Agent @Properties
"I came to the US in early 2017. Until then, my career went quite well, and after years of success, I had the opportunity to move to the USA as part of an EXPAT program. I knew that moving to a different country, and leaving family and friends would not be easy, but I was confident to manage this adventure as I always did in the past. It started to work out as planned, but then became more difficult to perform as usual after some organizational changes, uncertainty about my capabilities, issues communicating effectively, and my time management didn't work anymore. I was struggling with delivering, and performing as I did in the past was not possible. It started impacting my personal life. At this point, I followed my wife's advice and met with Debbie Petropoulos, a friend of my wife she met in her yoga, and I have never regretted that decision. Debbie helped me identify where I'm struggling, what is driving uncertainty, and how I can get back on track. In her way of coaching using different techniques, she challenged me, and held me accountable for things I wanted to change. Listening and asking the right questions opened my mind and showed me where I was struggling and how I can fix the challenges. Finally, with Debbie's help I got back on track to the performance I was used to. But it was not only the "Job" I got better at. I became more aware of my values and what is important to me. I gained an awareness of what is the purpose that is driving me to be successful and happy in my life. Not just business. Looking backward and summarizing, working with Debbie helped me successfully through a very difficult transition in my life, a personal loss of a best friend in that difficult time, and changed the way I live my life. I highly recommend Debbie as a life coach and trusting her advice and recommendations." - Guenther Lembach, Senior IT Director, Abbott


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