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How To Confidently Navigate Career and Life Transitions: 5 Tips For More Ease and Less Stress

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Navigating Life's Big Transitions With Skill

Career and Life Transitions happen. Having the skills to successfully manage a major transition is an important need. Many professionals nearing or reaching mid-life are experiencing new roles and responsibilities, changes in career, family, life, or health and want more fulfillment and happiness.

Several impactful life events led One True You, LLC Founder and Life Coach - Deborah Petropoulos to shift her own life story and transition to Executive Coaching to help leaders experiencing major life changes -- from changing careers, to retiring, to starting up a business, to seeking a fresh start, to living a healthier life.

After thirty-two years in Global Pharmaceuticals, Deborah retired from AbbVie in 2015 and establishes close partnerships with executives and high-performing leaders to foster professional and personal development and success. The coaching process is collaborative, customized, dynamic, and client driven.

Life Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans

When the unexpected happens in life, we're often taken off course. We may find ourselves suddenly living life differently than we expected. A disruptive change can create feelings of frustration, overwhelm, and stress. Leaning how to confidently navigate the transition and still live life are key factors to achieve successful outcomes.

Deborah helps her clients skillfully navigate challenging Life Transitions. She has personal experience with life transitions. The most life changing was Twin-To-Twin Transfusion Syndrome and its impact to the health and lives of her daughter and twin granddaughters.

During times of adversity, it's important to remember we're not alone. You, or someone you know is going through a significant change right now that may lead to a Life Transition. The change is temporary, but the transition can extend over months or years depending on the circumstances. During these pivotal times, it's helpful to have professional guidance. Deborah shares her Coaching insights and helps identify the strategies needed to support and enhance the lives of her clients.

Major Life Transitions Can Cause Feelings of Stress, Overwhelm and Frustration

Rather than dwell in an Emotional Spiral, it's helpful to focus on the desired changes we want to make. The challenges can be opportunities to enhance personal and professional growth.

Some of the common Life Transitions One True You Coaching helps our clients with include:

  • Career Change

  • Leadership, Promotions, New Roles and Responsibilities, Communication

  • Retirement

  • Divorce

  • Relationships

  • Family Dynamics

  • Caring for Aging Parents

  • Becoming An Empty Nester

  • Health Issues

  • Self-Care

  • Death, Loss of a Loved One

Life Transitions can be challenging and impactful. No matter how well we plan, we can't control the unexpected events that happen in life. And, because we're all different, how we react is unique.

Life Transition Coaching can help ease the challenges during times of career or life transition. A professional, skilled Life Coach can provide assistance, guidance, encouragement, and accountability.

5 Life Transition Tips for More Ease and Less Stress

Tip 1: Be Proactive Not Reactive

If you're thinking about leaving your job, changing careers, or retiring early, consider working with a Life Transition Coach now. Deciding to hire a coach before the need becomes critical can be one of the best decisions you can make. Don't wait until a negative situation at work pushes you into a reactive decision to leave. There's more to think about then just the financial aspects when leaving a long-time corporate career. Choosing to work with a Life Transition Coach as early as possible can help you assess your abilities and interests and create a pro-active exit strategy and well-thought through transition plan.

Tip 2: Consider Your Transition Needs and the Successful Outcome You Want to Create

Tip 3: Choose to Invest in Yourself: Don't Navigate the Transition Alone

Tip 4: Try These Helpful Life Transition Coping Methods

Tip 5: Choose a Life Coach That's Right for Your Situation

About the Author:

Deborah Petropoulos | Life Transitions Coach | One True You Coaching

Deborah Petropoulos is a Life Transition Coach who brings a wealth of professional experience to her Coaching Sessions. Deborah specializes in Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Life Coaching. Deborah has more than three decades of Corporate leadership and management experience in Global Pharmaceuticals where she led, mentored, and developed high-performing teams and individuals at Abbott and AbbVie. As the Founder and CEO of One True You, LLC Deborah is well-known for inspiring successful outcomes and creating transformative results for her clients through personal one-on-one Coaching. Deborah Petropoulos is a Chicago North Shore native and provides virtual Coaching Services for professionals experiencing career and life transition throughout the greater Chicago area including Lake County, Cook, and DuPage communities as well as the near north Wisconsin counties of Kenosha, Racine, and Milwaukee. Deborah is an International Coaching Federation Member with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, and professional ICF-accredited coaching training with the Co-Active (Coaches) Training Institute. Deborah enjoys time spent with her family and three granddaughters (including twins), traveling, and volunteering with Ronald McDonald House Charities for Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

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