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Your Transition Success Begins Now

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Our Services


Support To Get Through Transition Challenges & Obstacles

Guidance To Navigate Through Changes and Choices


Practical Strategies & Actionable Plans


Accountability Through Each Transition Step To Keep Moving Forward 


 Guidance Through

Career & Life Transition

Career Change

Leadership Challenges

Retirement Planning


& More...

Accelerate Life In A New Direction

Find Fulfillment

Achieve Successful Outcomes


Clarify Needs, Goals & Aspirations

Develop A Desired Vision


Explore New Perspectives

Assess Possibilities


Gain Renewed Control of Life

Susan Hanson

Finance Manager

“Debbie was my life/career coach and was instrumental in helping me define my life goals and dreams for the future.

I am now living my dream and couldn’t have done it without her guidance.

Please think about coaching... it could be a step toward your new beginning!”


Testimonials and Success Stories

Mike Kozlowski

Director Strategic Projects

“Coaching has given me the tools, hope, and action steps to take my life in a new direction!

Debbie’s life coaching services are phenomenal! She helped me to improve my relationships with family and friends. Her homework assignments helped me see new priorities…rethink my purpose in life and make some big life changing decisions.

I am grateful… it allowed me to grow quickly over 90 days and gave me the incentive to start up a new business so that I can achieve a quicker retirement.”

Testimonials and Success Stories

Clara Tappa

Director Human Resources

“Today I started my new position as Director of Human Resources...

I am in the right place at the right time.  With no small thanks to you!

Please feel free to provide my name as a reference.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who might be thinking of working with you.”

Testimonials and Success Stories


Debbie Petropoulos | One True You, LLC | Executive Coach | Life Coach | Career Coach

Transformational Life and Career Coaching

One True You, LLC provides life, career, and leadership coaching that inspires executives and leaders to enhance their lives and careers.

Our 1:1 coaching services help executives and leaders get from where they are to where they want to be.

Our Life and Career Coach Specializes In Transition and Mid-Life Challenges

Deborah (Debbie) Petropoulos helps executives, leaders, and business owners experiencing leadership, career and mid-life challenges.

One True You provides inspirational life and career coaching services custom-tailored to your needs. We offer confidential guidance, support, and accountability to help you with:  

  • Differences in leadership and communication styles

  • Challenging team dynamics

  • Diverse organization cultures

  • Fears and self-limiting beliefs

  • Career change and outplacement

  • Financial constraints

  • Health concerns

  • Personal relationship issues

  • Retirement uncertainty

  • Relocation

If you're experiencing stress, anxiety, frustration, or overwhelm, I invite you to schedule a call to talk about your challenges. One True You, LLC offers personalized, collaborative coaching. Our coaching is shared exclusively with executives, leaders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. If you're considering making a significant change in your career and life, reach out today. 

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